Fill your Inbox with Qualified Leads

LinkedFire helps B2B companies generate leads through done-for-you Linkedin Lead Generation.

We're here to help you get more out of LinkedIn.

We'll run a series of actions on your account everyday, delivering a steady flow of high-quality leads straight to your inbox.


Following our LinkedIn Multi-Touch Sequence Systemâ„¢, we move your prospects from unaware of you and your business to hot and engaged leads.

It's social selling done right, and it works!

The LinkedIn Multi-Touch Sequence Systemâ„¢

Designed to maximise your visibility & awareness on Linkedin while growing your network and influence. We engage your prospects along the following sequence of touchpoints over the course of 30 days.

View Prospect's Profile

Your prospect will be notified of your profile view, which leads to look-backs.
This acts as their first exposure to you and your brand.

Send Connection Request

A connection request with a customised note is sent 2 days later, showing your prospect that you liked what you saw and want to connect.

Message when Accepted

If your connection request is accepted, we'll send your prospects a customisable message to start a genuine conversation.
We start the conversation, you carry it through.

Endorse their Top 5 Skills

Help your prospects be seen as a thought leader by endorsing them.
Not only will they remember and appreciate the gesture, but approximately 20% will endorse you back!

Extract email addresses

We'll send you the publically available emails of all your new connections on day 30.
Now that your prospects Know, Like and Trust you; you can send them warm emails or retarget them with ads.

Here's What You Can Expect Every Month

(On the Inferno Plan)

10-40+ High Quality Leads

Your Ideal customers ready and waiting to be closed.

+1200 views of your profile

From our actions only - excluding any of your own activity.

+800 New Connections

All the more people to see and engage with your content & brand.

50-150+ Convos Started

Speaking to your prospects has never been easier.

120+ people endorsing you

Get your skills to the coveted "99+" the fastest way possible.

How It Works

We're committed to a seamless, efficient process.



Fill out our 3-minute application form so we can see if you'll be a good fit for our service.


Get to know each other

We do not work with everyone that applies. If you are accepted, we will send you link to schedule a 30-minute Discovery to learn more about each other


Make things official.

Pay for the month ahead via PayPal and schedule your Kickoff call


Kickoff Call

Help us understand your ideal customer and compile your list of prospects for the month on this once-off, 45 minute Skype call


We Get to Work the Very Next Day

Give us your LinkedIn login details and we'll start engaging your prospects through the LinkedIn Multi-Touch Sequence Systemâ„¢
Brace yourself, the notifications are coming!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Bradley Goldman

LinkedFire has taken our lead generation to the next level, consistently delivering me with 10+ warm leads a week. I had no idea how huge the exposure and reach could be on Linkedin.
Highly recommend for anyone looking to fill their pipeline.

Dan Stillerman

"The first month with LinkedFire got me over 1,000 new connections, hundreds of website visitors coming from my profile, and helped us to land a corporate deal worth over $10,000 with one of the big 4 South African banks."

Elan Band

"When RopeTeam publicly launched, I used the Flame Plan to bolster my LinkedIn presence. Within the first two weeks, Jonathan had connected me to the directors of all South Africa's property management companies, enabling me to introduce our unique rope access services to them - I am currently in advanced talks with 5 of the directors now."


Pricing Plans

Pay Per Prospect, Cancel Anytime. (US Dollars)


1,000 Prospects

$699/ mo
  • 1,000 prospects /mo
  • $0.70 / prospect
  • 2 Sub Lists (see FAQs)


2,000 Prospects

$999/ mo
  • 2,000 prospects /mo
  • $0.50 / prospect
  • 3 Sub Lists (see FAQs)

Set-Up Fee

Once off, at the beginning of the month

  • Blaze Plan
  • Inferno Plan


Because people have been asking...

Do I need a paid account like LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator or Recruiter?

Our LinkedIn Multi-Touch Sequence Systemâ„¢ is designed to work just as well on a free LinkedIn account as it does on a paid one.

What am I still responsible for?

Replying to messages, producing content on your profiles (statuses and articles) and engaging with your new connections on your timeline.

What is a "Prospect List"?

We'd better clear this up, it's important.
We charge based on the number of prospects in your list. A list is what we build together in step 3 of the process. To do so, you tell us the type of person you want as a prospect and we build a list of 1000 or 2000 strong.

Can my account get banned?

We operate well within the safe limits of Linkedin. In fact, we are so confident that your account will not be banned that we will pay you out double whatever you have ever paid us if it does. We will also take responsibility for getting your account unbanned on your behalf.

What is a sub list?

Sub Lists are a way for you to further personalise your approach to your prospect list.
For example, your main prospect list might consist of "Founders in USA", with your 2 sub lists consisting of "Founders in San Francisco" and "Founders in New York".

Do I really have to give you my account logins?

Yes. We physically log into your account every day to run the LinkedIn Multi-Touch Sequence System â„¢. We use the highest security and assure you that your account is safe with us. (We never read your messages, view your notifications or change your settings.)

Can I change something about my campaign while it is running?

It is meant for you to "set and forget" at the beginning of the month, but you can email us any time to change your prospects or adjust volumes.

Is the Kickoff call really necessary?

Yes, but we can do it over email if you prefer.
The most important thing is drilling down exactly who the prospects that you want us to run through the system are.

Tell me more about your cancellation policy.

Alright, heartbreaker. You can cancel at anytime and we will return the balance of your month's fees. (Payment for the month is made in advance. Your card will be charged automatically.)

Sound Good?

Great! Let's get your application form in, shall we?